Connect to Shopify

Step 1: Go to Integration and click ‘Add channel’.

Step 2: Choose ‘Shopify’.

Step 3: Click 'Next'.

Step 4: Type in your Channel Name and Shop Domain (eg: 

Shop Domain can be copied from your Shopify url, excluding ‘http://’ and ‘admin’.

Step 5: After clicking ‘Connect’, it will re-direct you to the Shopify page. Then click ‘Install unlisted app’.

You will be prompted to login to Shopify's admin.

If it is successful, there will be a green box on the top: ‘Authorization successfully completed’.

Step 6:

Change Sync product quality to YES and select a Default Shopify store location. Then, click Save and Next

Step 7:

Select Don’t import product, then click Save and Next.

Step 8: 

Click Finish and it is complete!

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