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Create a quick sale order

Step 1: 

Go to Sales > Quick Order

Step 2:

You can choose to use existing customer details or enter new customer details for Billing and Delivery Address.

Option 1:
Search existing customer using company or name

Option 2:
Add new customer using "Add customer" button

Enter customer details and click on "Save & Select"

Option 3:
Using system preset details "Cash Sale"

Step 3: 

Search "Product" by Barcode or SKU or Title.

If only 1 result found, system will auto add the item to order line for you, if more that 1 result found, you need to manually select the item you want to add.

You can edit the item qty and price

Step 4:

Select "Tax Class", "Channel", "Shipping Method".

You can use preset Channel Ref or enter your own, it has to be unique.

Select "PICKUP" as Shipping Method for walk-in customers.

Note when setting shipping method to PICKUP
- Order will be marked as complete.
- Invoice will be generated automatically.
- All products in the order will be picked automatically from primary location.
- Payment record will be automatically created when you select CASH as payment method.

Step 5:

Click on "Add Discount" to add discount

Select discount by "$" (Dollar value) or "%" (Percentage of Product price), enter the value then click on "Save".

Step 6:

Select Shipping from "Available rates" or manually enter.

Step 7:

Option 1: Click Proceed & Invoice button. The order will be marked as "Complete".
Option 2: Click Proceed & Invoice Later button. The order will be marked as "Pending".
Option 3: Click Save As Draft button. The order will be marked as "Draft".

Step 8: (If choose "Proceed & Invoice")

*On the Summary screen, select to "Auto pick" all items from primary or "Pick Later"

Select payment method to complete the quick order

Step 8: (If choose "Proceed & Invoice Later")

Select payment method to complete the quick order

Updated on: 03/09/2021

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