Step 1: 

Go to Sales > Sale Orders, then click Quick Order button on the top right window.

[OPTIONAL] Step 2: 

Select "Customer".
Option 1: Use the Default Address.
Option 2: Search the existing customer by company or name.
Option 3: Add new customer.

Step 3: 

Search "Product" by Barcode or SKU or Title.

Step 4:

Select "Tax Class".

Step 5:

Select "Channel".

Step 6:

Enter "Channel Reference".

Step 7:

Select "Shipping Method". Choose "PICKUP" for walk-in customers.

Note when setting shipping method to PICKUP

Order will be marked as complete.
Invoice will be generated automatically.
All products in the order will be picked automatically from primary location.
Payment record will be automatically created when you select CASH as payment method.

Step 8:

Enter "Shipping Cost"

Step 9:

Enter "Discount" if available.

Step 10:

Option 1: Click Proceed & Invoice button. The order will be marked as "Complete".
Option 2: Click Proceed & Invoice Later button. The order will be marked as "Pending".
Option 3: Click Save As Draft button. The order will be marked as "Draft".
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