A configurable product appears to be a single product with lists of options for each variation. However, each option represents a separate, variant product with a distinct SKU, which makes it possible to track inventory for each variation.

Click Products to expand, and then click Products.

Click "Create New" from the top right window and select configurable from the drop down list.

Enter the product details in the New Configurable product window.

In the Product Variants section, select the Options for the product variants; and enter the variants in the Value field. Separate the variants using “,”.

Example: Red,White,Black

Please note that the “,” will not be shown.

When all the details have been entered, click

The new product is created and message

shown on the top of the window.

You can now see more tabs in the form.

Click Images tab to add picture for the product.


and locate the picture from your computer.


When the file is uploaded successfully, message

will be shown.

Click Variants tab and then click

Enter the Variant Product’s details in the New Variant Product window.

Please note that the SKU field is prefix with the SKU of the master Product.

The example below shows the variant with Red colour and S size.


when all details have been entered.

You will be brought back to the previous window[. ](https://app.intercom.io/)The variant product will be listed in Variants tab.

[Optional] Click

The form for the variant product is shown.

Click Images tab to add a picture. (Refer to step 7)

Repeat steps 9-12 for all variants products.
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