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Create new configurable product

A configurable product appears to be a single product with lists of options for each variation. However, each option represents a separate, variant product with a distinct SKU, which makes it possible to track inventory for each variation.

Step 1:
Go to Products > Search Products

Step 2:
Click on "Create New" > Configurable

Step 3:
Fill in product details.

Step 4:

How to Add product option

Add option like "Colour", "Size", "Type"...For example you are selling T-Shirt with different "Size" and "Colour", you can add options "Size" and "Colour"
Enter the option name and click on "Add ..."

Enter the option value and click on "Add ...", repeat for extra value

Step 5:

When all the details have been entered, click "Save"

Step 6:

Click on "Variants" tab
Click on "Add Variant" button

Step 7:

Enter the Variant Product’s details in the New Variant Product window.

Please note that the SKU field is prefix with the SKU of the master Product.

The example below shows the variant with Red colour and S size.

Step 8:

Click "Save" when all details have been entered.
A Variant item with Options selected will be created.

Step 9:

Repeat steps 6-9 for all variants products.

Updated on: 14/03/2022

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