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Create quick order with auto pick

Auto picked products from primary location after quick order created

Step 1: 

Go to Sales -> Quick Order

Step 2: Select customer and items

Select customer by using search customer
Select item by scan barcode or enter SKU

Step 3:

Select Shipping method and rate.
Click on "Proceed".

Step 4: Auto Pick Option (Only available if Option Enable at sale setting)

Select "Yes, Auto Pick" if you want system auto deduct qty from primary location. (If primary location is set)

Make sure the Delivery address postcode and suburb are correct and match. For example "Sydney" instead of "Sdyney", and postcode for Sydney is "2000" instead of "2001"

If product primary location not set, you can "Force Pick Anyway", but it will not deduct from any set location, and will deduct from "UNKNOWN" location.

Step 5: Payment Method

Select payment method to finalise the order.

Updated on: 11/01/2020

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