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Getting Started with Ricemill

Getting Started with Ricemill

Learn how to connect to sales channels, add products, setup warehouse BIN locations, configure shipping couriers and rates to your Ricemill account.

01. Connect to sales channels

Here are the quick links to step by step guide to connect sales channels on Ricemill. 

Connect to Shopify

Connect to eBay Australia

02. Setup your product catalogue

Once you've connected your sales channels to your Ricemill account, you can start adding products to your Ricemill account with 3 easy ways:

Manually create a new product.
Import products via CSV file.
Download existing products from connected sale channels.

03. Setup warehouse BIN locations

Use BIN Locations to track your inventory. Ensure inventory is picked or received from the correct BIN location e.g. A1-3-5 (Aisle A, bay 1, shelf 3, bin 5) and maintain a complete view of quantity levels across all BIN locations within your warehouse. 

See Setup Warehouse BIN Locations

Updated on: 16/01/2020

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