How do I setup Magento integration?

Step 1: Configure Magento API Settings

Login into your Magento's site
Go to System->Configuration->Magento Core API
Client Session Timeout (sec.) => 36000
WS-I Compliance => Yes
Enable WSDL Cache => No

Step 2 - Install Ricemill Extension

Ricemill Magento extension required for download and upload of configurable product.

Download Ricemill extension here.
Extract the folder.
Put the Yogee directory into the app/code/community.
Put the etc/modules/Yogee_ALL.xml file into app/etc/modules/.
And then you should be done. Refresh your Magento cache and you’ll be complete.

Step 3 - Connect Ricemill to Magento 

Go to Channels->Add Channel
Follow the steps to connect to Magento.

How do I upload product to Magento?

How do I import a product from Magento?

Go to Integrations -> Sales Channels
Click "Open" next to the Magento's channel
Under "Import Product" section
Enter the SKU and click "Search Product"
Click "Import Product"

How to update / remove item's category?

Locate the product and go into the product detail page.
Click the Integrations tab
Click Show Category under Magento Channel Category below the page.
Untick the category you would like to remove the product from
Click save
Click the “Upload” button next to Magento Channel row in Channel List table
Repeat for next product.

How to invoice pending order placed via Magento?

Go to order view page for the order from Ricemill.
Click "Create Invoice"
Ricemill will sync the invoice with Magento automatically.
Order status will be changed to "Processing" once process completed.


Magento's Category not visible on Ricemill

Go to Integrations
Click Open next to the Magento's channel
Under Magento Cache and click Clear All

Product's image is not uploaded to Magento

To fix, please follow this steps:

Step 1:

Rename the photo by removing the non supported characters from the image name.
Delete the existing image from Ricemill
Re-upload the renamed image to Ricemill.

Step 2:

Login to Magento’s admin
Go to Catalog->Manage Products
Search the product using SKU. E.g. 7305
Click Edit
Select “Images” tab from the left hand menu
Remove all the images if any (Select the checkbox under “Remove” column and click “Save”)

Step 3:
Go to Ricemill and Re-upload the product.
You should now see the image display on the website.

Magento don't show correct price when visitors select different product's size.

Due to the limitation of the Magento's API, Ricemill unable to automatically set the price for each configurable's option when prices are different for each option.

Follow this steps to set the prices for each option:

Login to Magento's Admin
Locate the configurable product (E.g. SKU = AA5543) and click "Edit"
Click "Associated Products" tab
Scroll to "Super product attributes configuration" section
For each option, enter the price different from the configurable product's price. For example, if the configurable product's price is $30. To sell the Size S for $30, enter 0 into the price box and leave the drop down list as "Fixed Price". So, if you would like to sell the Size L for $10 extra, then you would enter 10 into the price box and leave the drop down list as "Fixed Price".

Below is an example of the settings:

Magento SOAP extension is not loaded.

For SOAP to work within the Magento application, the PHP SOAP extension ("") needs to be installed on the server

SOAP Extension

For SOAP to work within the Magento application, the PHP SOAP extension ("") needs to be installed on the server. The SOAP extension can be enabled by editing the php.ini file if the extension is already installed.

It's best to ask the company that hosts your web site to install the SOAP extension for you. If they can't do it, ask one of your developers who helps maintain the store.

Here is the documentation from the PHP manual that will explain how to install and configure the SOAP extension. For RPM-based Linux distributions this is installed with the command "yum install php-soap".

You can check if your Magento application has full SOAP support by browsing to the page (replace '' with your actual store URL).

It should give you an XML-document, offering a detailed explanation about the usage of SOAP. If you see the message "0 Unable to load Soap extension on the server" or "0 SOAP extension is not loaded", then SOAP support is missing from the Webserver.
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