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How StarTrack Integration Work

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How to generate StarTrack label.

How to lodge manifest to StarTrack

How to generate StarTrack label.

Best work with Google Chrome

Step 1 :

Go to Pick & Pack > Packing.
Scan the barcode on the Packing Slip to start packing.
Verify the items in the orders. (If enable)

Step 2:

Enter shipment weight and dimension

Step 3:

On the "Packing Tracking" page, you'll be prompted to print the shipping label.
Scan the parcel # barcode on the packing slip or type in "Confirm" to proceed.

Step 4:

Print shipping label.
Record Tracking number.

Google Chrome: Follow the instructions on "Print dialogue" to print the label.

Other Browser: Click "Download PDF Label" and print the PDF file.

How to upload manifest to StarTrack

Step 1:

Once you had completed packing all parcels:

Go to Integrations -> Australia Post

Step 2:

Click on "Pending Manifest" of StarTrack account

Step 3:

Select all the shipments to be included in the StarTrack Express manifest.
Click "Upload to Australia Post" to transfer shipments data to StarTrack Express.

Step 4:

Print the StarTrack Express manifest.

Step 5:

Skip this step if "Dispatch parcel as soon as the tracking number is recorded" is turn on at Pick and Pack settings.

Go to Pick & Pack > Dispatch.
Select the parcel to dispatch.

Updated on: 13/07/2021

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