How to add watermark to eBay listing?

With watermark add-on only

Go to Integrations

Open eBay channel you want to add watermark.

On eBay channel Dashboard, click on button "View Listings"

Under "Template & Policy" menu, select "Description Template".

Click on "Edit" button for description template you want to add watrermark.

Turn on watermark by Enable it.
Click on "Choose file" button to select the watermark image. (Image have to be PNG format, with transparent background, 800 x 800 px)
Click on "Save Changes".

Back to channel Dashboard.
Go to section "Queue Update".
Select "Revise all eBay listings photos only."
Click on "Submit Request" to submit a "Queue" to revised the ebay listing image.
Watermark will show on listing after "Queue" has been process.

Example of Ricemill client's watermark show on eBay:

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