How to bulk create Shipment?

Generate new Shipments

Step 1:

Go to Pick & Pack > Shipments.
Click "Create New"

Step 2:

Click "Create New" on the top right window.

Step 3

You can search parcel using "Search".
Select the parcels you want to pick and pack.
Review all the Parcels.

Review the Comment for each parcel and edit it if required. Make sure the selection of Shipping Instruction or Gift Message is correct. Select "Ignore Message" if the Comment is not applicable.

Step 4:

Click "Create Shipments" to generate shipment.

You will be redirected to the Shipments Parcel List screen.

Step 5:  (Optional) Print Packing Slips

Select parcels you want to print packing slip, then select "Print" > "Print All"
The Packing slip will appear in a new window/tab.

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