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How to create a purchase order, receiving and putaway?

How to create a new purchase order

Step 1:

Go to Purchases > Quick Purchase

Step 2:

Select Supplier and fill in ETA, PO Date and PO#

Step 3:

Search the item by enter barcode, SKU or item's name
Add the item by clicking on "Arrow Right" icon

Step 4:

Review items add to purchase order
You can edit Qty, Price or add discount to item line
Click on "Save Purchase" to save your purchase order.

Step 5 (Optional):
You can email your purchase order to supplier by clicking on "Email PO" button

Step 6
If step 5 skip, you need to click on "Mark Sent" to indicate purchase order has been send to supplier using other method.
Note: This purchase order will not be send to supplier, you need to manually send it to your supplier.

Purchase Order Receiving

Step 1:

When your purchase order Arrive.
Select "Purchasing" > "Receiving" from left menu.

Step 2:
Search purchase order.
Select purchase order you are receiving and click on "Begin Receiving" from result line.

Step 3:
Scan the item's barcode or "+" button to mark item received

Step 4:
Enter "Qty" and assign "Bin Location" to item.
Hint: You can assign multiple Bin Location to item.
Note: This step only update the Bin Location Qty, item's available qty will not be update until you 'Publish' the order.
Repeat this step until all items received been assign location.

Step 5:
Click on "Proceed to publish this purchsae order" button to finalise this purchase order.

Step 6:

Check the purchase order details are corrects.
Click on "Publish" to finalise your purchase order.
Item's available qty will be update after you publish your purchase order.

Note: once you publish the purchase order, you cannot edit it.

Updated on: 13/07/2021

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