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How to create Advanced Configurable product.

How to create Advanced Configurable product.

Available for Standard and Pro plan only

Step 1
Go to Products > Search Products

Step 2
Click on "Create New" > Advanced configurable

Step 3
Fill in product details and click on "Save"

How to Add product option

Add option like "Colour", "Size", "Type"...For example you are selling T-Shirt with different "Size" and "Colour", you can add options "Size" and "Colour"
Enter the option name and click on "Add ..."

Enter the option value and click on "Add ...", repeat for extra value

Step 4
Click on "Variants" tab

Step 5
Click on "Add Variant" button

Search the item you want to add, and click on "+Select" button to add the item as variant

Step 6
Enter variant SKU. (Suggest to use the SKU auto populate). Variant SKU has to be unique.
Select the option value for variant.
Click on "Save"

Step 7
Repeat Step 4 to Step 6 to add extra variant item.

Updated on: 14/12/2021

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