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How to enable, create and install a Shopify custom app

How to enable, create and install a Shopify custom app

Enable custom app development from the Shopify admin


Login to your Shopify Store Admin

Go to Settings > Apps and sales channels.

Click Develop apps.

Click Allow custom app development.

Read the warning and information provided, and then click Allow custom app development.

After you've enabled custom app development, you can create and install a custom app in your Shopify admin.

Click on the Create an app.

In the modal window, enter the App name (For example "My Custom App") and select an App developer. You can select the store owner as the App developer.

Click Create app.

After you create a custom app, you can assign API scopes to it.

Click "Configure Admin API scopes".

In the Admin API access scopes section, select the API scopes below:

Only enable access scope show in image below (with tick)

In the Webhook subscriptions section, select latest Event version.

Click Save.

After you've set API scopes for your app, you can install the app.

Click Install app.

In the modal window, click Install.

Go to the Admin API access token section and click Reveal token once.

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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