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How to import item's BIN location?

Using CSV file to assign item's location

Step 1: 

Go to Products -> Products

Step 2: 

Select Import -> Location

Step 3: Create your csv import file

Download sample location file for the import format.
Edit the file downloaded

CSV file format

sku -> item sku
warehouse_id -> Id of the warehouse where bin location located. See How to find warehouse ID.
location_code -> Bin location code you create for a warehouse. See How to setup warehouse bin location.
quantity -> Item quantity you want to assign to bin location
primary -> Set '1' for Primary, '0' for Secondary.

You can set multible bin location for 1 item, when doing picking, system will show Primary location first.

How to find warehouse ID

Go to Settings > Warehouses

Click on "Edit" button of the Warehouse

On the last section of the page URL last section (On Browser), you will ge the warehouse id

Step 4: Import Option

Option 1: "Empty products locations before import." 

If you select this option, all the existing locations for the item will be remove and new location will be assign to it. Select this option only if you want to clear all the location for item

Option 2: "Overwrite existing products location." 

If you select this option, if the location exist, it will overwrite it.

Step 5: Upload file

Upload your CSV file and click "Upload" button to import the file.

Updated on: 28/01/2021

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