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How to import new configurable product using CSV

Configurable Product CSV Specification

How to import new configurable product using CSV

Step 1:

Go to Products -> Products

Step 2:

Click on Import -> Products

Step 3:

Select the file you want to import and click on "Upload".
WARNING: If you choose "Overwrite existing item data", it will Overwrite your existing item.

Configurable Product CSV Specification

Configurable item import file format:

Download a sample configurable item import file.

Image URL Example:

https://yoururl/image1.jpg | https://yoururl/image2.jpg

See article [**How to get item_delivery_type_id**](

How to group variant to Parent (configurable)

Always enter a configurable row first, then followed by its children rows (variants).
Make sure the variant's parent_sku is matched with configurable item's SKU (see above image).
Above example showing 2 configurable items each with 4 children items (variants).

Here is the result as appeared in Ricemill

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