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How to list a product to eBay?

How to list a product to eBay?

Go to Integrations > Sales Channels

Click on "Active Listings" link on eBay Dashboard.

Click on the "New" tab on the screen.

Select the item you want to list and click on "Create Template".

Fill in the listing information, most of the info has been auto filled in for you based on the product information.

Select the eBay category by click on "Get Suggested Categories" or Browse eBay Categories.

Select the Payment, Postage and Return Policy.

Click on "Save Template". 

After you save the template, the item will now show in the "Pending" tab, click on "Pending" tab.

Click on "List New" button on the item you want to list to eBay.

You can view the listing on eBay by clicking on the eBay item id

Updated on: 27/05/2021

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