Pick and Pack workflow with Australia Post Integration

Step 1 - Manifest

Generate a new manifest for orders.
Do not "Export Consignment" for Australia Post parcel after you had created manifest. Otherwise, parcels will be marked as "label printed", and label will not be printed later during the packing step.

Step 2 - Picking

After you had created new shipments, you can generate a picking list to start picking items in the shipmnents.
Go to Pick & Pack > Picking > Create New.
Select the shipments you want to pick and create picking list.

Step 3 - Packing

On the "Packing Tracking" page, you'll be prompted to print the shipping label.

Scan the parcel # barcode on the packing slip or type in "Confirm" to proceed.
Google Chrome: Follow the instructions on "Print dialogue" to print the label.
Other Browser: Click "Download PDF Label" and print the PDF file.

Step 4  - Upload Australia Post Pending Manifest

Once you had completed packing all parcels:

Go to Pick and Pack > Australia Post > Pending Manifest
Select all the shipments to be included in the Australia Post's manifest.
Click "Upload to Australia Post" to transfer shipments data to Australia post.

Print the Australia Post's manifest.

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