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Shipments, Pick & Pack Workflow Overview

Shipments, Pick & Pack Workflow Overview

Pick and Pack Work Flow

Step 1: Verify Sales Orders

Verify your sales that have issues.

How to verify sales orders?

Step 2: Create Shipments

Go to Pick & Pack > Shipments > Create New
Select the order you are want to ship.
Verify the order details, notes.
If everything ok, create Manifest.
Print Packing Slip

How to generate a new shipments?

Step 3: Create a Picking List 

After you had created new shipments, you can generate a picking list to start picking items in the orders.
Go to Pick & Pack > Picking > Create New.
Select the orders you want to pick and create picking list.

How to create a pick list?

Step 4: Packing

Once picking process is done, you can start packing orders.
Go to Pick & Pack > Packing.
Scan the barcode on the Packing Slip to start packing.
Verify the items in the orders.
Record Tracking number.

How to pack an order?

Step 5: Dispatch

Once you had done the packing, go to Pick & Pack > Dispatch.
Select the order to dispatch.

Updated on: 16/01/2020

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