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What is product's minimum and maximum quantity?

In the product view page, you can find the following fields (highlighted in yellow as the picture shown):

Minimum Quantity = The minimum quantity of product that must maintained on hand (reorder is suggested when the inventory is at or below this quantity level)
Maximum Quantity = The maximum quantity of product allowed (Reorder suggestions will not exceed this quantity)
Reorder/ Case Qty = the quantity of product that can be ordered each time from the supplier (default = 1) (Reorder suggestions will be based on the multiples of this quantity)

Note:The suggested number of products to reorder will never exceed your Maximum Quantity. 


Actual quantity of product on hand =1

Minimum Quantity = 1

Maximum Quantity = 10

Reorder/ Case Quantity = 2

Since the Actual quantity of product hit the Minimum quantity of product, it will be shown in the Reorder Report. 

As the Maximum quantity is 10, the system will suggest you reorder 4 cases of product (2 x 4 = 8), which make the total actual on-hand quantity to reach 9 (the original 1 + the reorders 8 = 9). As such, the total actual on-hand quantity will become 9, which is close to but does not exceed the maximum quantity of 10.

Updated on: 11/01/2020

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