Step 1: Create new purchase order

Select "Purchasing" > "Purchase Order" from left menu.

Step 2: Select Supplier

Step 3: Fill In Order Details

Fill in ETA, PO Date and PO#

Step 4: Add Item(s)

Click on "Add Item" on top menu
Search for item you want to order.
Click on "+" button to add item to purchase order.

Step 5: Review Items

Review items add to purchase order
You can edit Qty, Price or add discount to item line
Click on "Calculate" to calculate total and tax.
Click on "Save Purchase Order" to save your purchase order.

Step 6: Send Purchase Order (Manually)

After review your order, you can click on "Mark Sent" to indicate purchase order send to supplier.
Note: This purchase order will not be send to supplier, you need to manually send it to your supplier.

Step 7: Receiving

When your purchase order Arrive.
Select "Purchasing" > "Receiving" from left menu.
Search purchase order.
Select purchase order you are receiving and click on "Begin Receiving" from result line.

Step 8: Start Receiving

Scan item barcode

Enter "Qty" and assign "Location" to item.
Hint: You can assign multiple location to item.
Repeat this step until all items received been assign location.

Click on "Mark Received In Full" button if purchase order fully received.

Step 9: Finalise Purchase order

Click on "Publish" to finalise your purchase order.
Items received only available after you publish your purchase order.
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