How to setup Australia Post Satchel rates?

Step 1:

Go to Settings > Couriers and Rates > Create New

Step 2:

Select Others Couriers

Step 3:

Fill in the info as below and click on "Save and Continue Edit"

Courier Code -> "Australia Post Regular"
Courier Name -> Eg "Satchel - Express" or "Satchel - Standard"
Zone Group -> Australia Post Zone
File Format -> Ricemill Parcel Format
Country -> Australia
Active -> Yes

Step 4: Settings

Click on "Settings" Tab, and fill in Courier setting, then click on "Save and Continue Edit"

If it is Express post, under "Express Courier", please select "Yes"

Step 5: Rates

Click on "Rate" tab > "+Add new rate"

Step 6: Fill in the rate

Fill in the rate table, see example below:
For Service Type, can use eg "Express Satchel 0.5kg" to describe the service
Then Save Change
Important Note: For Satchel, select "NO"
Repeat this step for another rate for example satchel 1kg, 3kg

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