In order to integrate your Australia Post account with Ricemill, you need to generate an API key and secret.

The Australia Post eParcel Integration uses Australia Post's latest service for printing labels and submitting manifests. 

Step 1: Register for a Shipping & Tracking API key

Create an Australia Post account. You will receive an activation email from Australia Post. Use this to activate your new account and log in.
Register for a Shipping & Tracking API key

Log in to the Developer Centre with your newly created account, and navigate to the APIs page.
Click on the Register now for an API key under Shipping and Tracking section.

Click Complete Registration

Fill in your eParcel and/or Startrack account number and email address.

Please check all three checkboxes.
Are you accessing the API via a Platform Partner? Select "Yes"
Please select your platform partner => "RiceMill"
Check the consent box
Click Next

The first step is now completed, you must wait for the Australia Post email to start the second step. (it usually takes 1-2 business days)

Step 2: Generate your API keys

You need to start by creating a new project.
Click on Project > Create New Project. (if Project is not visible, wait for the confirmation email from Australia Post.)
Add a project name (e.g. Ricemill App) and select your organisation.

Next, click on API Access in the left menu, then click Create a key.

Enter a Key nickname and enter a Secret. Please make sure you write down this secret, as you will not be able to access it again after creating the key.
An API key will be created.

Step 3: Enable API Services

Click on Services.

Turn all the services on for the newly created project.
Click Update.

Step 4: Send the information to Ricemill

Send the following information to Ricemill

eParcel account number
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