How to update courier's rate via CSV

Step 1:

Download Courier Rate File

Go to Settings > Couriers and Rates

Select "Edit" icon next to the courier you would like to update

Click on "Rates" tab on the left menu

Click "Download Rate"

Save and Open the csv file

Step 2:

Edit Courier Rate File

Edit the csv file you download in Step 1 with new rate or dates. Please note that all value are excluding GST.

You can edit fields below:

RATE_PER_PARCEL = per parcel rate
RATE_PER_KG = per kg rate (0 if not available)
RATE_START = the date this rate valid from, in YYYY-MM-DD format, for example 2018-08-01
RATE_END = the date this rate valid until, in YYYY-MM-DD format, for example 2019-09-01

Step 3:

Upload edited Courier Rate File

Click "Upload Rate"

Select the file you have edited with new rate

Leave the "Remove current rate" checked to override all rates.
Click "Next"
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