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How does the Catch Australia integration work?

Catch Australia Integration Overview

Products & Offers

Connect to Catch Australia
Product Upload - You'll need to manually upload the product via Catch Marketplace.
Offer Upload - You'll need to manually upload the offer via Catch Marketplace.
Offer Update - Quantity & price will be automatically updated every 15-30 minutes.


Order Approval - Order approvals can be made via Ricemill->Integrations.

Click Open button next to Catch Channel.
List all orders with status = "Waiting Acceptance".
Click "Accept Order".
It will takes 60 minutes for Catch to process payment from customer.
Order will be automatically imported after payment accepted.

Shipment & Tracking

Shipping method and tracking will be uploaded to Catch Australia after order dispatched.

How to Connect to Catch Marketplace

Step 1: Add New Channel

Login to Ricemill Account.
Go to Integrations, then click on "Add Channel" button.

Step 2: Enter API key from Catch Australia

Fill in the form to setup your Catch channel.
You need to generate API key from Catch and fill in the form. (See How to generate API key from Catch Australia?)

Step 3: Enable sync

Go to Integration
Find Catch channel and click on setting button

Go to Section "Catch Australia Integration Settings", and select the sync options you would like to enable.

Enable Order Auto Approve -  Auto approved all your "Waiting Acceptance" Order. Order may take some times for Catch to update the order status before it can be download to Ricemill. Note: Need to Enable "Enable Sync Order" to be able to use this option. 
Enable Sync Offer - Update quantity and price.
Enable Sync Order - Reserve item and auto download order from Catch.
Enable Sync Shipment - Auto upload shipment details to Catch.

Step 4: Assign product to Channel

For product quantity and retail price sync

Login to Ricemill account.
Select item you want to add to Catch.
At Product view page, click on "Channel" tab.
Tick on Catch channel and save.

Step 5: Upload offer to Catch Australia

Ricemill currently not able to upload offer to Catch directly, you need to manually submit offer to Catch.
Please make sure the SKU use in Catch's Offer > Settings match SKU in Ricemill.

Catch Australia


How to generate API key from Catch Australia?

Login to your catch account.
Click on your email address link on top right.

Select "API Key" Tab.

Click on "Generate a new key".

Updated on: 22/06/2023

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